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Although Summer class registration will be coming soon, some classes are currently open for registration. New Students - Click the blue "Register Now" button. Returning Students - Please register through your Parent Portal. If your preferred class is full, please register on a waitlist for any and all classes that work for you. You will be contacted when an opening is available. This is also how we know additional classes may be needed!

6-Week Summer Session Begins June 17!

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Congratulations to ELEANOR RASCHE, this year's recipient of the Kendall Murphy Memorial Tumbling Scholarship - a one hour weekly group tumbling class for the 2023-2024 season! Happy tumbling, Eleanor!


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Tumbling students will benefit from our awesome tumbling facility which features a 56 ft. tumble track (trampoline) into a solid foam pit! Beginner to Advanced levels available.


Use this link to order rhinestones for competition costumes, to jazz up your Achievewear, or for anything else that needs a little extra sparkle!

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2024 Year-End Performance - June 7 & 8 - Gibson Southern High School

Here's your chance to participate in a broadway-style show. An Achieve Academy performance is not a typical dance recital but a very professional production. Every effort is made to bring you an entertaining show, and the length is kept to a minimum. Competition students will perform in both shows and recreational students will perform in one show. Although there are no guarantees, every effort is made to accommodate date requests. Detailed performance information will be distributed in early May.

Run Thru (no costumes) @ Achieve Academy Wednesday, May 29, 2024 5:00 p.m. Thursday, May 30, 2024 5:00 p.m.
Photos - Competition & Opening Production @ Achieve Academy Friday, May 31, 2024 scheduled times Friday, May 31, 2024 scheduled times
Photos - Recreational & Tumbling Production @ Achieve Academy Monday, June 3, 2024 scheduled times Monday, June 3, 2024 scheduled times
Dress Rehearsals @ Gibson Southern Thursday, June 6, 2024 12:30pm call Thursday, June 6, 2024 5:30pm call
Performances @ Gibson Southern Friday, June 7, 2024 6:30pm Saturday, June 8, 2024 6:30pm

Dance Routines for the Year-End Performance:

Although most students participate in the exciting year-end Performance, dance students who would like to participate in the year-end Performance should also register for “DANCE PERFORMANCE” when signing up for classes. Once registered, the appropriate costume amounts from the Performance Costume Chart below will be added to your account for auto-withdrawal on December 1st and January 1st. The performance fee of $50 ($100 for competition students who will perform 2 shows) will also be added to your account for auto-withdrawal on March 1st along with the appropriate June Tuition to be auto-withdrawn on June 1st. The deadline to register for the Dance Performance is November 15th. If you register then choose not to participate, withdrawal must occur before November 15th to discontinue any Dance Performance-related auto-withdrawals.

Tumbling Production for the Year-End Performance:

Tumbling students who would like to participate in a tumbling routine in the year-end performance, should enroll in the "TUMBLING PRODUCTION PERFORMANCE" class. Once enrolled, the costume withdrawals of $37.50 on December 1st & $37.50 on January 1st will be added to your account along with the March 1st Performance Fee of $50 (if not already participating in the Dance Performance) and the April 1st Tumbling Production Tuition of $80 for the Saturday rehearsals in April and May. A final schedule will be sent at a later date. No rehearsals will be conducted during weekly tumbling classes. If you enroll then choose not to participate, withdrawal must occur before November 15th to cancel all Tumbling Production-related auto-withdrawals.

Opening Production for the Year-End Performance:

The opening number of the year-end Performance involves a large group of students and sets the theme of the show. Participation requires a commitment to rehearsals, a costume fee, and extra tuition. Dance students age 6 & up (already participating in the dance performance) who would like to participate in the opening routine for the year-end performance, should enroll in the "OPENING PRODUCTION" class. Once enrolled, the Opening Production Tuition of $80 will be added to your account for auto-withdrawal on April 1st. Fast-paced rehearsals will occur on Saturdays in April & May. A final schedule will be sent at a later date. Costumes and dance shoes will vary from student to student and will be determined at a later date. Students will be in both the Friday and Saturday shows and will be required to arrive early to the Dress Rehearsal. Withdrawal from this class must occur before March 15th to discontinue all Opening Production-related auto-withdrawals.

Hassle-Free Performance Costumes:

For recreational classes, the costume fee will include everything the school feels is needed for year-end performance costumes which may or may not include: costume, tights, socks, or accessories. Students are responsible for their own make-up. Rhinestones are not included. Required shoes will be determined at a later date and will be your responsibility. Costume Fees will be priced according to class and will be charged to your auto-debit or auto-credit card charge in two, equal installments, December 1st and January 1st.

- December 1st January 1st
½ Hr. Dance, Mom & Me Dance, or Combo $37.50 $37.50
Tumbling Production $37.50 $37.50
Recreational Hip Hop $42.50 $42.50
Recreational Rotating Class (2 Costumes) $85 $85
*COMPETITION Costume - Per Routine $50 Deposit* $50 Deposit*
Solos, Duets, Trios Selected by individual or group (price varies) Selected by individual or group (price varies)

*COMPETITION costume deposits are due OCTOBER 1 & NOVEMBER 1. Competition costume balances should be posted by March 1 and are due MARCH 15.

Costume Alterations:

Costume Alterations are available for Performance and special choreography costumes. A $5 per service minimum will be charged for basics such as hems, attaching straps, etc. Charges for other alterations will be determined by the seamstress. Costume Alterations are an incidental fee and must be paid by cash, check, or credit card and is due at the time of service.

Performance Fee:

There will be a $50 Performance Fee per participating student per show auto-withdrawn from your account on March 1st. The Performance Fee will help cover some costs of auditorium rental, theater technicians, lighting, sets, props, etc. Tickets to the performance go on sale in early May. Reserved seating will be used and will include a number of VIP seats. Children age 3 & under are free and do not require a ticket if they sit on a lap. Backstage Moms do not require a ticket.

June Tuition:

Although we will not have regular classes, we will be having rehearsals, run-thrus, pictures, costume fittings, etc. To make all this possible, instructors, cleaning crews, utilities, and more must still be paid. June tuition will be based on the number of performance routines per student. June tuition for routines that are rehearsed weekly, Tumbling Production, Opening Production and for solos, duets, and trios will be automatically withdrawn. June tuition is priced as follows: 1 routine = $30, 2 routines = $40, 3 routines = $50, 4 routines = $60, 5 routines = $70, 6 routines = $80, 7 routines or more = $90.

Special Choreography:

Special choreography is available upon request for Intermediate to Advanced dancers for competitions, talent shows, etc. Ages 10 and above must be taking a technique class in the style of dance to be performed. Guest choreographers are available at their hourly rate and at their availability.

In-house choreography fees of $185-$250 for solos, $135-$165 per student for duets or trios, and $125 per student for private groups of 4 or more will be charged per routine in addition to the hourly rate for solo, duet, trio, or private groups. Choreography fee will be charged as an incidental fee and is due on the 1st day of learning the routine. The hourly rate will be auto-withdrawn at the time of service. The duration of these classes will be determined by the student’s ability to learn the routine. Cancellation of a non-weekly private class must be made in a timely manner. If the instructor has already arrived for the class, your account will still be charged.

Weekly private classes will also be charged the above choreography fees and monthly tuition is charged through autopay. No refunds, credits, or make-up classes will be given for missed weekly private classes.

All solos, duets, trios must notify us of their participation in the performance no later than February 1st. All solos participating in the performance will be included in the Solo Montage and will perform 30-45 seconds of their routine. Seniors will perform their entire solo.

Splicing Fee:

A Splicing Fee of $15 per song will be charged for any special choreography song that needs to be cut to comply with time limits, etc. This is an incidental fee and will be auto-withdrawn at the time of service.

Performance T-Shirts:

T-shirts, incorporating the theme of the show, will feature the name of the performance and all participating students. T-Shirts will be available for purchase near performance time.

Performance Photos:

Professional Group and Individual Photos will all be taken at Achieve Academy. We would like everyone to have photos taken for the studio picture walls, but you are not required to purchase them for yourself. A schedule will be provided.

Performance Videos:

Video Downloads of the performances will be available for you to purchase. Videotaping and flash photography are allowed at dress rehearsal only. This policy is enforced so that everyone may enjoy a professional show without video cameras in their way throughout the program.

*Performance T-Shirts, Photos, and Video Downloads are provided as a special service to you with no requirement to purchase.